Monday, May 28, 2012

#BirdsOfPreySunday Highlights May 27th

Here we go! Another sunday full of birds of prey :)
This are some higliths of the last Sunday  #BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele and myself (+Diego Cattaneo)!

Please, plus one or comment original images on Google+ links listed under the photos!

Enjoy the view and thanks everybody for participating!

"Brown Snake Eagle
Taken at a waterhole in the Kgalagadi. 
#birdsofpreysunday by +Jeffrey Van Daele and +Diego Cattaneo" by +Dick Whitlock (see on G+)


"Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)
Shropshire, UK.

for #birdsofpreysunday by +Diego Cattaneo +Jeffrey Van Daele 
#birds #birdphotography" by +Mike Haley (see on G+)


"Resharing for #BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Diego Cattaneo +Jeffrey Van Daele +Birds Of Prey Sunday 

Typical eagle scene near the Anchor River mouth in Anchor River, AK. 

See more Alaska shots here:" by +Tom Talbott (see on G+)


"Burrowing Owl
#BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele +Diego Cattaneo +Birds Of Prey Sunday +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide" by +Francisco Herrera (see on G+)


"another one for #birdsofpreysunday by +Jeffrey Van Daele and +Diego Cattaneo...sometimes it would`nt be bad to have better lenses like the one i used for my first bird-sessions, but than i remember the price and wake up quickly" by +Geo Messmer (see on G+) 


"Looking at You Looking at Me

This American Bald Eagle is keeping an eye on both the Deception Pass waters for food and seems to be checking out me out as well as the boat heads out into the deeper waters of the Puget Sound. He/She has better built in eye sight than I however, I needed 400mm to get this detail.

#birds #birdsunday #naturephotography #naturephotography #naturemonday#natureartthursday #naturephotographers #birdsofprey #birdsofpreysunday+Jeffrey Van Daele #eagle #baldeagle #tree #plusphotoextract" by +Ben T (see on G+)

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