Monday, May 21, 2012

#BirdsOfPreySunday Highlights May 20th

After seeing a lot of great shots, I found some time to write another weekly recap of the last Sunday  #BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele and myself (+Diego Cattaneo)!

Please, plus one or comment original images on Google+ links listed under the photos!

Enjoy the view and thanks everybody for participating!

"Immature Eagle" by +Randall Tronick (see on G+)


"And here's my first Google+ picture chair, with apologies in case of cross posting, ...: African Fish Eagle Power, by Guy Dekelver
Lake Baringo, Kenya

#birdsofpreysunday #wildlifephotography #birdphotography #birds #raptors" by +Guy Dekelver (see on G+)


"#birdsofpreysunday curated by +Diego Cattaneo and +Jeffrey Van Daele " by +Vince Maidens (see on G+)


"Burrowing Owl
For #BirdsofPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele +Diego Cattaneo +Birds Of Prey Sunday 
+BIRD LOVERS Worldwide" by +Francisco Herrera (see on G+)


"first tryout of that kind of photography...great wild birds. Not bad for the first time and i had a lot of fun so i think i`ll try it again ;)

#birdsofpreysunday Curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele and +Diego Cattaneo" by +Geo Messmer (see on G+) 


"Bateleur in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Soaring above us looking for its next prey... 

#birdsofpreysunday" by +Lee Butler (see on G+)


" A Grey Owl Swoops after Food
It's amazing how their head stays rock steady whilst the body moves
This is for #birdsofpreysunday +Birds Of Prey Sunday by +Diego Cattaneo and+Jeffrey Van Daele" by +Neil Howard (see on G+)


"Regal Tawny Eagle
Kruger National Park, South Africa

I am re-sharing this older image for +Diego Cattaneo and +Jeffrey Van Daele's#birdsofpreysunday .

I enjoyed watching this amazing raptor scanning the environment for some dinner in the #krugernationalpark some time ago.

#birdphotography" by +Morkel Erasmus (see on G+)


"Black Kite
For #birdsofpreysunday by +Diego Cattaneo 
Kolkata, India." by +Sumit Sen (see on G+) 

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