Monday, April 2, 2012

#BirdsOfPreySunday Highlights April 1st

Check out some of the great shots posted for yesterday #BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele and myself (+Diego Cattaneo)!
Please, plus one or comment original images on Google+ links listed under the photos!

Enjoy the view and thanks everybody for participating!

"Barely even a splash" by +Vince Maidens (see on G+)

"Portrait of a Bald Eagle " by +nelson hernandez (see on G+)


"Common buzzard (?)" by +Ulf Bjolin (see on G+)


"Ukpik the Snowy owl" by +Mchale Morris (see on G+)


"Snowy Owl" by +Paul Reeves (see on G+)


"Owl" by +Ubbe Ubbe (see on G+)

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