Monday, April 16, 2012

#BirdsOfPreySunday Highlights April 15th

Weekly recap of the last Sunday  #BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele and myself (+Diego Cattaneo)!
Please, plus one or comment original images on Google+ links listed under the photos!

Enjoy the view and thanks everybody for participating!

"Burrowing Owl
#BirdPoker Owls curated by +Phil Armishaw 
#BirdsOfPreySunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele and +Diego Cattaneo+Birds Of Prey Sunday" by +Greg Gard (see on G+)


"I've always liked this photo, but never could figure out how i wanted to process it. I looked at it today and said, just let it go as is, I cropped it a little with a minor curve adjustment. 

#birdsofpreysunday by +Jeffrey Van Daele +Diego Cattaneo" by +Brad Buckmaster (see on G+)


" #birdsofpreysunday curated by +Diego Cattaneo 

I promised something other than an owl this week :)" by +Vince Maidens (see on G+)


"#birdsofpreysunday curated by +Jeffrey Van Daele +Birds Of Prey Sunday 
A rescued hawk at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. 90% of the animals treated here have suffered from human related injuries. Hopefully this guy will be able to return to the wild soon " by +Sharon Jeannette (see on G+)


"Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile)
This hawk was captured Monday on my walk through the Corkscrew Swamp with +Ray Bilcliff Thanks again Ray, I had a great time.

#BirdsofPreySunday curated by +Diego Cattaneo +Jeffrey Van Daele
+Flotogs +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide" by +Meg Rousher (see on G+)

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