Monday, November 26, 2012

Essential Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts

If you really want to speed up your Aperture workflow, this is the essential list of keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

V (Cycle View Mode)
Cycle through the three main views of Aperture: Browser, Split View and Viewer

P (Quick Preview Mode)
Browse images faster, using a lower resolution, even if Aperture is still importing photos

Z (Zoom Viewer)
Zoom in and out of a photo

Y (Metadata Overlays)
Show/Hide Viewer Metadata Overlays (in case you want to use every pixel of your screen)

M (Show Master)
Show the Master (Original) photo

F (Full Screen Mode)
Use F to enter and exit Full Screen Mode

H (Inspector HUD)
Shows/Hides the Inspector HUD. Very useful in Full Screen Mode

1 to 5 (Star rating)
Apply 1 to 5 Star Rating. Press 9 to reject the photo. Rating every photo helps you to stay organized!

C (Crop)
Select the Crop Tool

G (Straighten)
Select the Straighten Tool

A (Selection Tool)
I use it to exit Crop or Straighten Tool

` (Loupe)
Shows the Loupe Tool, which is a magnifying glass that can be very useful to check noise and sharpness

Command + Shift + E (Export)
Export selected versions

These are the keyboard shortcuts I use the most, if you want a full list, please refer to the official documentation released by Apple.

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